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Merchant’s Edition v1.9.2

Waiting has paid out!

Not surprising, larger chunks of work take more time. Now it’s done, Merchant’s Edition proudly presents its new release. More independence, easier workflow for merchants!

By Markus “Traumflug” Hitter
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Good for you, fellow merchant, Merchant’s Edition comes packed with new stuff. Not only a refreshing new back office style, also a crucial new feature: one can now easily migrate to (and from) Merchant’s Edition, by simply installing latest Core Updater in thirty bees and proceeding like with any update. This Merchant’s Edition release comes with this module already installed, of course.

Download the newest release here:

Merchant’s Edition v1.9.2

Users of Merchant’s Edition 1.9.0 or 1.9.1 should install the new Core Updater and update using this.

What did change?

Back Office, Merchant’s Edition style

This is the new back office style. Merchant’s Edition colors.

Core Updater menu

Core Updater supports now not only updating from thirty bees sources, but also from Merchant’s Edition sources. This allows to migrate as easily as any update.

Changes coming with v1.9.2 in detail

Improvements for merchants:

  • An entire new styling for back office, the Merchant’s Edition theme. It’s the default, yet older themes still exist. The new theme not only features Merchant’s Edition colors, it’s also more readable, e.g. due to a larger font for menu items.

  • Clutter in the back office footer is gone. Less distraction, better page loading performance.

  • A useless panel on the back office dashboard page is gone. It just listed links found in the footer as well. Again, less distraction, better page loading performance.

  • News panel on the dashboard page now lists Merchant’s Edition news.

  • Back office submenu items no longer disappear in some situations.

  • The distribution now comes with the much improved Core Updater by Merchant’s Edition, which allows to migrate from (and to) thirty bees just as easily as up- or downgrading from one version to another.

  • Merchants can now decide whether carrier fees are given with or without taxes. This allows constant fees even at changing tax rates. A feature kindly implemented by thirty bees.

  • Also fetched from thirty bees: Auto formatting of prices is gone, this never worked reliably. Prices get formatted with internal data now, like it was done before with this switch turned off. There is now also a hook ‘actionGetCurrencyFormatters’, which allows modules to provide custom formatters.

  • Picked all thirty bees bugfixes up to end of March 2021.

  • Many, many bugfixes by Merchant’s Edition. Some of them sponsored by librairiezbookstore.com.

Improvements for developers:

  • Core and module validation (validatecore.sh and validatemodule.sh) is a lot more complete now. Rebranding of these tools completed.

  • Core and Merchant’s Edition modules should validate now when building a distribution package, and actually do.

  • validatemodule.sh was tweaked to validate only Merchant’s Edition modules. Validating other modules makes no sense, as Merchant’s Edition has no means to edit/fix them.

  • Nice side effect of the Auto formatting removal: the distribution slimmed down by ~1000 files, dependency commerceguys/intl is gone.

  • About 130 commits since v1.9.1.

Merchant’s Edition wishes you good business.

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