Core Updater v2.0.0

Migrate to Merchant’s Edition as easily as any update.

Merchant’s Edition just released version 2.0.0. Learn here how this can improve your e-commerce operations.

By Markus “Traumflug” Hitter

What did change?

So far, Merchant’s Edition had a big hole in its set of features: there was no way to migrate from thirty bees. This has changed with Core Updater v2.0.0.

Core Updater channel menu

Biggest new feature of this release is support for multiple update sources. This means, one can update to Merchant’s Edition, or back to thirty bees, just as easily as any update. These updates come right from each official server, making them always genuine.

Download the new version here: Core Updater v2.0.0

Improvements for Merchants:

  • Support for multiple update sources.
  • Surplus, potentially harmful code files (not official files with a .php suffix) in Adapter/, Core/, classes/ and controllers/ get always marked for removal now. No need to mark them manually anymore.
  • Multiple compares against the same version work now. For those sorting files elsewhere, while using Core Updater to compare against a clean version.
  • A number of fixes to avoid confusion in unusual situations.
  • All features and enhancements of thirty bees’ Core Updater v1.3.3. Core Updater v2.0.0 is a full replacement for that version. Plus multiple update sources. Plus more stability.

Improvements for Developers:

  • Exceptions triggered by remote requests work now. It was a namespace thing.
  • Various code simplifications and performance improvements. First steps away from jQuery usage.
  • A lot more protection against unexpected API server behavior.
  • 47 commits since v1.3.2.

One More Thing …

Seen these blue-ish colors in the above screenshot? It’s true, next Merchant’s Edition release will come with a new, refreshing back office style. And it’ll appear before too long.