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Merchant’s Edition v1.9.1

Welcome February with a new release!

At Merchant’s Edition, we’re hard at work. A whole lot of files were adjusted to the new brand. To make sure this is done right, new tooling was written. While this release still doesn’t bring new code for existing shops, it opens new doors.

By Markus “Traumflug” Hitter

Merchant’s Edition 1.9.1 still looks much like a thirty bees release, but under the hood a lot of stuff was rebranded already. It shows its actual version in back office now, 1.9.1. Still no urgent need to upgrade existing shops, Merchant’s Edition code is still pretty much the same as thirty bees Bleeding Edge 1.1.x.

Nevertheless, this release opens doors to get into actual software improvements. For installing a new shop, one can download it here:

Merchant’s Edition v1.9.1

What did change?

Let’s start with simple facts.

Improvements for Merchants:

  • About 50 missing index.php files were added for improved security.
  • There is now translations.merchantsedition.com, which provides translation packages and removes this nasty non-fatal error on installation.

Improvements for Developers:

  • validatecore.sh was written, a tool watching out for consistency of source files. Like proper license headers and such stuff. This tool also found all these missing index.php files.
  • Fixed file permissions on a few hundred files. For example, CSS files are now no longer executables.
  • Re-branding of all source code header files.
  • composer.lock is now tracked, to allow reproducible release builds.

What are the plans?

To be honest, we make no long term plans here at Merchant’s Edition. So many promises out there, we don’t want to add yet another set. Instead, we improve things step by step and deliver soon.

Let’s talk a bit about what these next steps are.

Core Updater

The currently most asked question is: how can I upgrade to Merchant’s Edition? Well, currently one can’t. And that’s going to change before too long. Core Updater is an excellent tool for upgrading between thirty bees releases, it’ll be extended to allow also upgrading to Merchant’s Edition.

With this, merchants will be able to switch to Merchant’s Edition as easy as if it were another thirty bees release. And should the merchant find out we messed up, it’ll just as easy to roll back.

Merchant’s Edition Logos

Currently one still sees thirty bees logos everywhere in back office. Doesn’t make sense, right? Indeed, it doesn’t. They’ll get replaced with these beautiful Merchant’s Edition logos.

Back office theming

Along with new logos, back office will change its colors to Admiral Blue and Gold. To make sure you immediately know where you are. Older themes will stay available, of course.

Performance improvements

Lower left corner of Merchant’s Edition back office

Ever recognized this set of tiny logos in back office, all at the bottom? Did you ever use them? Well, neither did we. Nevertheless they get loaded every single time one loads a back office page.

Merchant’s Edition will remove such clutter. It doesn’t help, it just slows things down. Removing such stuff won’t be a big performance booster, still it’ll make operations a bit more fluid and likely you a bit more smiling.